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43+ Ideas For Wedding Card Invitation Maids Try Now

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43+ Ideas For Wedding Card Invitation Maids Try Now

In parallel with how you will choose the most suitable postcard in your opinion, we will talk about some features of the preparation of such an important event as a wedding.

In fact, weddings, in addition to everything, are also a market, large, rich and crazy. It is important not to get lost in it and know who you have to communicate with. From the very beginning, the young should have a wedding organizer who decides on the selection of contractors, budget planning, logistics, concepts, venues and monitoring the progress of the wedding.

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Well, of course, you should not push everything to the organizer, you need to keep your hand on the pulse. One of the 50 ideas for do-it-yourself wedding cards of gray color with your own hands, decorated with hearts and a red ribbon against the background of volumetric decor.   The newlyweds are hiring the coordinator and manager of the celebration before the wedding in a couple of weeks.

He usually corrects the mistakes made during the preparation: a site is not affordable, they forgot to make a seating plan for the guests, and missed possible weather problems. He must attend the wedding and solve the problems that arise, as in “Pulp Fiction” Mr. Woolf. Often, the organizer concurrently plays the role of a coordinator, which is very convenient. The decorator helps in the development and implementation of the wedding concept: colors, floristry, registration areas and banquet facilities, invitations, surroundings for photo sessions.

You will be surprised how much it takes to prepare all sorts of minor details to make the wedding look properly.

The photographer and videographer are working on fixing what is happening on the camera, editing and providing a movie, photo album or flash drive with files in a finished form to the customer.

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Stylists and makeup artists do everything so that the bride likes her reflection in the mirror. The host is responsible for the leisure of guests. It mainly depends on him whether the wedding will be solemn and pleasant or whether guests will be offered a feast in hell.

Artists – experts in eating fire, standing on their heads, swallowing swords and other animations are designed to entertain guests. Amateurs can also go in for entertainment, but a well-prepared musical cover band will always be welcome.

Somewhere six months before the wedding, you need to decide on the amount that you expect to spend.

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The main thing is to be able to accumulate this amount by the right time, so as not to be in credit debt and on your knees not to crawl to your parents. Of course, where to get the money – at the bank or from parents, the decision is purely personal, but my advice, the wedding should be done on your own.

There are two ways to not screw up at this stage: start spending already existing money, and make money as a problem for guys from the future. When you start spending free money, it turns out that they are not enough.

For example, this month 10 thousand are left from the salary, and 15 thousand must be paid to a good photographer as an advance payment. Wedding spending is uneven, so the supply of money does not hurt.

At the other extreme, you can hire expensive and good specialists with the thought that you then need to pay them, and then we will deal with this already.

This is a direct way to loans. In a smart way, you should do the following: analyze your expenses and incomes, estimate the budget with the help of a wedding organizer, look at the order of prices, make an approximate estimate and purposefully save for it.

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