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46 wedding reception invitations wording simple

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46 wedding reception invitations wording simple

Distributing wedding invitations is where any wedding begins. After all, it is with the help of this simple document that you notify guests about the upcoming joyful event. It is advisable to start sending invitations 2-3 weeks before the proposed celebration, so that people can plan their time.

This is a way to prevent a person from forgetting about a future event, because even if you call all your friends and acquaintances, no one will give you a guarantee that someone will not mix up the date or just forget about this day. Wedding invitations may look different, it is important to choose the right accessories in a single color and style with the upcoming celebration. (Original wedding invitations can be ordered from professional designers from the section of our Wedding Invitations Catalog)

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Even if you will order the wedding invitation text in advance at the printing house, it is good practice to enter the names of guests with your own hand. The text in the invitation can be either official or humorous, the invitation should contain specific information about the time and place of the wedding registration ceremony, wedding, banquet.

It is advisable for nonresident guests to describe in detail what is more convenient to get to the venue of the solemn part. We bring to your attention several templates for the text of a wedding invitation, and you can choose for yourself which one is more suitable for the theme and style of the celebration.

We hasten to inform you that tired of long wanderings, our ship of love brought us to shore, and we strive to land on an amazing island called “Family” in search of treasures – endless happiness.

We invite you to join this fascinating voyage and thank you in advance for your support and participation on an important day for us.

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The launch of the “Family” ship on the water will take place (date, time, place). Departure is scheduled from the bay (name and address of the restaurant) at (such and such a time).

Many people think that you need to invite guests when everything is already known and 100% ready. As a result, guests receive an invitation only on the eve of the wedding and, unfortunately, can no longer accept it. A wedding invitation is a “reservation” of a date on your guests’ calendar in advance!

And the answer to the question of where to start preparing for the wedding. Try to invite your family to the wedding as early as possible. Even when, apart from the date of the celebration, you still do not know anything. You will be able to share all the detailed information about the wedding – the place and time of the venue, driving directions, dress code and gift list later. For example, on your wedding site. Save the day” – save this date on your calendar. It is best to send an invitation 3-6 months before the wedding.

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So guests will be able to pre-plan the schedule of their vacations and personal affairs, taking into account your celebration. And you will save time and moral strength by not redoing the guest lists several times.

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