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How To Wear A Bandana That You’ve Gotta Try This Year

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How To Wear A Bandana That You’ve Gotta Try This Year

Bandana is a headscarf knotted in various ways on the head (can also be used as a neck scarf or handkerchief).

Despite the fact that such an accessory is traditionally referred to as an element of the wardrobe of cowboys, pirates, bikers and football fans, today fashionable bandanas have turned into a universal headdress that both brutal rockers and stylish fashionistas enjoy wearing. Increasingly, bandanas can also be seen as an element of the uniform – for example, for sushi and other sushi bar personnel, such scarves, tied in the Japanese style, have long become an integral part of the work suit.

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In turn, bandanas with the symbols of musical groups earned the ardent love of music lovers.

Do not miss the opportunity to make the most of the popularity of such a headgear and numerous commercial brands: shawls with advertising symbols can be called the most successful addition to T-shirts with a logo and other branded promotional textiles.

There are many ways to tie bandanas. Some have already become classics, others are only gaining popularity. In this article we have collected the 5 simplest instructions, following which you can really effectively and effectively tie a bandana. It is in this traditional way that bandanas are most often tied up by bikers and wrestlers. In addition, the scarf knitted in the classical way will be the best protection against the open sun on a hot day (many men use such a hat as a fashionable alternative to a beach panama).

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A bandana tied in this way will be a great addition to a stylish masculine image. In addition, this method of tying a uniform bandana is usually used by waiters and bartenders of Japanese, as well as other oriental restaurants.

Given that bandanas have long turned from a purely male accessory into a unisex headdress, it is easy to explain their popularity among the fair half of humanity.

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A headscarf tied in this way can be used as protection from the sun, as well as a stylish addition to a fashionable hairstyle. It will look especially impressive in combination with a hairstyle, in which the hair is gathered back in a lush bun, and combed in front (a la Amy Winehouse style). Cowboys traditionally used a bandana as a neck scarf, which, if necessary, was easily “transformed” to protect the lower half of the face from dust and sand. Want to look as cool as a dashing native of a wild prairie? There is nothing easier.

Fold the bandana into a triangle. Attach the scarf to the neck and make a small bend in the middle of the base of the resulting structure, which should freely hang forward. In addition to those described above, there are many non-standard ways to tie and wear a bandana. So, a kerchief can be tied to the wrist as a wristband, tied over jeans above the knee, or simply tucked into jeans and used as a belt.

In addition, modern fashionistas sometimes use a bandana as the top of a bikini (such swimwear models are called bandanakini) or tie a bright colorful scarf to the handle of a lady’s handbag.

If you have already decided on the method of tying, but did not choose the bandana itself, then we suggest not postponing it for later and proceed to the choice right now!

We can easily personalize it in accordance with your wishes or corporate symbols of the company.

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