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How to Wear Black Jeans Navy Blazers

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how to wear black jeans navy blazers That You Can Wear

We already wrote about what to wear with such classic things as a cardigan and coat. It’s time to talk in detail about the jacket.

A jacket is a truly unique thing that should be in the wardrobe of any man along with jeans and shirts. There are many different classifications of jackets: by material, by color, by cut. We offer our own “specific” division of jackets, which seems to us the most convenient.

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So, with what bottom, with what shoes to wear a jacket, and what accessories will help to make the image more extravagant, and which – more official, we will tell below.

As you know, a black jacket is the most classic. Of course, it can be worn in combination with black trousers (preferably from the same material, that is, costume) and derby, loafers or moccasins (photos of different types of shoes can be found in the article about the coat). But this official image can be turned into a casual style by simply changing classic shoes to sneakers or sneakers, and replacing the shirt with a plain t-shirt. A black jacket is also appropriate to wear with a light bottom, for example, beige, gray or white trousers. This look will be especially successful with white sneakers.

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A jacket of this color can also be worn with costume pants. However, a brown jacket looks great in combination with dark jeans. A checkered or classic shirt, beige turtleneck, or black pullover is usually worn underneath. We want to note that you should not experiment with a brown jacket in terms of shoes. It is better to wear deserts or moccasins of any brown hue. It seems to us that a blue jacket with blue dress pants looks boring, so we recommend adding a blue or black vest and tie to this image.

A blue jacket looks advantageous with jeans both dark blue and light blue, especially if this look is combined with sneakers. Of course, a blue jacket can also be worn with trousers of almost any color. It seems to us that pants in beige, white, blue and burgundy are the best option. The gray business suit looks too strict and is suitable only for office employees. Since our readers are brighter and more ready to experiment, we suggest combining a gray jacket with blue jeans and trousers in black, gray or white.

But do not think that a blue or white shirt will not fit into the image of a casual style. She will look good with a gray jacket even in “accompaniment” with sneakers. A bow with a gray jacket will look more interesting if it is complemented with accessories. For example, a brown scarf and a brown purse.

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A light jacket is a real expanse for stylish men. It can be combined with anything. A beige jacket, like a brown one, looks great with black trousers and, of course, a white T-shirt or a plaid shirt.

A white jacket can be worn with both dark and light jeans, and with bright pants in purple or burgundy. A tie in the color of the pants will fit perfectly. We also offer an image consisting of a light jacket with shorts and dark sneakers.

Jackets of a blue shade successfully harmonize with white trousers or blue jeans. Shoes, of course, depend on the style you choose.

This “look” of a jacket frightens many men. Someone considers it not fashionable, but someone just neglects it. Must say, in vain.

A corduroy jacket lends solidity to an outfit. Of course, first of all, this jacket is worn with suit trousers and a bow-tie or tie. In this case, you should not experiment with shoes. It is better to give preference to loafers or deserters.

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