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How To Wear Converse Outfits Ray Bans For Women Any Of Age

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How To Wear Converse Outfits Ray Bans For Women Any Age

Fashion is constantly changing and passing, however, some things remain unchanged and always relevant, for example, Levi’s 501 model or Ray Ben drop glasses.

Famous Converse sneakers have also become a kind of timeless classic. Having traveled a path of about a century, they have become a real fashion legend.

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The history of the Converse brand began at the beginning of the 20th century with its founder Marquez Converse.

At that time, he worked as a senior manager of the American company Rubber Shoe Company, specializing in the production of winter shoes.In 1915, he proposed expanding production and launching a line of sports shoes for basketball.

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Two years later, the first Converse All-Star models in black and white appeared on store shelves. At that time, it was a real breakthrough.

The first known basketball player to wear Converse was Charles Taylor, nicknamed Chuck. After some time, the company invited him to become an official representative and design Converse sneakers, which he did pretty well.

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In 1941, when the United States entered World War II, Converse temporarily suspended the production of basketball sneakers, as the main emphasis was on the manufacture of military uniforms, shoes and warm outerwear for pilots. Over the next 20 years, the popularity of rubber sneakers began to plummet.

In 1966, the company decided to resume production of sneakers and expand the lineup, adding new colors and materials: leather, suede and vinyl. Converse also began to be produced in three versions: low, “classic” with a length just above the ankles and high models.

By 1970, when the Converse production was again established, they were replaced by stronger competitors: Adidas, Nike, and then Reebok, which at that time, thanks to an innovative design, became a pioneer in the field of sports shoes.

Converse’s only trump card was the support of the US National Basketball Association, for which it continued to supply shoes. In 1986, the company made another attempt to break into the front ranks in the sports shoe market by releasing the legendary The Weapon basketball model with a unique foot support system.

Converse then re-released this model two more times. However, by 2001, the company’s strength was completely exhausted, which led to its bankruptcy.

Shoe production in the United States fell sharply, and then the legendary sneakers generally disappeared from the shelves of American stores and began to be sold only in Asian countries.

Nowadays, the legendary sneakers are almost not associated with basketball and have become everyday shoes. Designer or custom-made models are very popular. There are many different fabric sneaker customization bureaus where you can print or order sophisticated signature painting for your Converse.

In addition, they can be trimmed with ribbons, braid, beads, badges and sequins. And on the official website of Converse.com, each client himself can act as a designer and create a virtual model by indicating the desired size, as well as the color of fabric, rubber, laces and seams. If desired, you can add a print with any word and place an order.

2003 was a turning point for Converse: the sports giant Nike decided to take it under its wing and invested about $ 305 million in the development of the brand. Joint cooperation positively affected the reputation of the Converse brand and breathed new life into it.

Despite the large lineup and unlimited possibilities of individualizing their sneakers, many prefer to wear the “classic” black or white Converse, which the brand has been producing for almost a century.

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