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Ideas wedding photography They Are Cute

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Ideas wedding photography They Are Cute

leave a list of wedding photos that you would like to see in your wedding album? If not, we advise you to think about such a list, and if it is still important for you which pictures will take pride of place in the family archive, we advise you to pay attention to the list we have proposed.

Here we have selected the required frames, which is better not to forget to make on an important wedding day. We give a guarantee that you will have 100 (if not more) photos of you in a wedding dress. But still you will remember your emotions when you first saw him, tried on, touched the most delicate fabrics.

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This is a beautiful piece of art that you can wear. Be sure to take a photo of your wedding dress before you wear it.

You will want to see how the training was held on both sides: both the groom and the bride.

Therefore, ask the photographer to capture moments when witnesses tie a tie to the groom or when the bride spends a relaxed morning with her friends and a glass of champagne. Such shots are excellent for capturing small details of the image of the bride: manicure, hairstyle, jewelry, shoes.

You definitely need such a frame! It symbolizes your new union, and wedding rings are the main confirmation of this!

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Cool cropped photo where you can see only your legs, wedding shoes, and you can also bright groom socks!

This is the frame that is most often forgotten to be made, because it is not part of the day, like a bouquet, or a cake, for example. Some couples forget to bring or prepare such a set. Ask someone to follow this and be sure to print out extra copies for such a photo.

You are making efforts to get your guests beautiful gifts, so make sure (or ask someone) that your photographer captures it.

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It may seem a little fanciful, but you really need to have such a photo. In the end, the groom’s accessories were also carefully selected, why is all attention only to the bride’s accessories ?!

Detailed shots such as this one will really help put together your wedding story in the future!

If you took the time (and money) to add wedding-style accents to friends of the groom, then why not simplify the photographer to take a few frames for your family album.

An unexpected and at the same time playful shot, especially when the bride closes her eyes to the groom – a modern classic instead of a ransom.

This is one of the most personal moments of the wedding day, before the moment when you say wedding vows to each other. While you will re-read your oath, you will plunge into your own world. You can also exchange vows-letters before the ceremony and capture the emotions of each other.

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