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25 Sketches to Draw with Pencil 2020

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Sketches to Draw with Pencil

In the world of fashion, the design of new models, before they are cut and sewn, is presented in the form of hand-drawn sketches. First, you sketch – a figure in the form of a model, which serves as the basis of the picture.

The point is not to draw a realistic figure, as if you are sketching a canvas onto which you will “try on” various illustrations of dresses, skirts, blouses, accessories or what you decide to create. Adding details like frills, seams and buttons will help bring your ideas to life.

Gather the materials. Choose a hard pencil (best labeled T) to make light, contour strokes that will be easy to erase.

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Such strokes or notes will not be pressed into the paper and leave traces on it, which is convenient if you later want to paint over the drawing. It’s also important to choose thick paper and a good eraser if you want the picture to look professional. If you do not have the right type of pencil with you, you can sketch with a pencil marked TM (hard soft). Just do not forget that you can’t press, strokes should be very light.

We do not recommend using a pen for painting, because it will be impossible to erase excess lines later. You will also need colored markers, inks or paints to colorize your clothing model. Decide which pose to choose for the design sketch. Sketches should be drawn so that the silhouette with the clothes drawn on it (we will call it the “model”) showed it in the most favorable light.

You can draw a walking model, sitting, bending, or from any other angle. As a beginner, you can start with the most common pose – draw a model standing or walking along the catwalk. These poses are the easiest to draw, they will allow you to show the design of clothes in full.

Since you want to showcase your fashion models in a professional and attractive light, it is important that the designs are proportionate and well-drawn.

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To improve the skills of drawing any pose, many fashion designers practice for a long time and make hundreds of sketches. Consider alternative ways to sketch. It’s good if you can draw your own sketch, as it will allow you to demonstrate a new model of clothes exactly the way you want. However, if you immediately want to learn how to draw clothing designs, there are several quick ways: Download the finished sketch of the model from the Internet, there you can find many forms and positions of such models.

For example, you can download a sketch of a child, a man, a woman of fragile physique, and so on. Make a sketch – outline the contours of a model from a magazine or some other picture. Simply place tracing paper on top of the model you like and outline its outline.

Draw a line of balance. This is the very first line in your drawing, it will serve as the center of gravity of your model. Spend it from the top of the head to the tips of the toes, along the spine of the model. Now draw an oval to depict the head.

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This is the basis of the working model, and now you can draw a proportional drawing. Imagine that the sketch you made is the “skeleton” of the model.

The line of equilibrium must be strictly vertical, even if the model itself is drawn with a slope. For example, if you want to draw a model leaning slightly to the left, with your hands on your hips, draw a straight line of balance in the center of the sheet. Draw a line from the model’s head to the surface on which it stands. Please note that when you design clothes, you do not need a proportional model, because you are demonstrating clothes, not your ability to draw a human figure well.

You do not need to draw everything to the smallest detail, including the face of the model.

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