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Wedding decorations purple gold Ideas You Will See Right Now

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Wedding decorations purple gold Ideas You Will See Right Now

A wedding in gold is a spectacular and extraordinary celebration. This is a great opportunity to plunge into the unique atmosphere of luxury and splendor.

Decoration in golden tones is most popular in the autumn period, when you want comfort and romance. Usually such a wedding is played by couples who want to create a magnificent holiday, memorable for many years. For more information on the design and organization of weddings in gold, read on. As a rule, the golden color evokes a pleasant association with wealth and brilliance. In the palette of golden wedding decoration, in addition to the main color, other colors are usually present. The color of gold is well combined with restrained shades of brown, beige, cream.

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And in combination with white, it gives a feeling of solemnity and grandeur. A golden wedding photo will help expand the circle of fantasy.

When choosing a hall for the upcoming holiday, pay attention to the color of the walls. Well, if they are a neutral shade, this will greatly facilitate the design process. To decorate the solemn hall, you can use a variety of textiles.

Heavy fabrics look a priori rich, as well as flowing silk and delicate velvet. Light canvases with gold embroidery also look great.

Special attention should be paid to the design of wedding tables. Chairs should be draped with cloaks to match the tablecloths. A combination of several types of textiles looks gorgeous.

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It is better to coordinate dishes, appliances and other table decorations in advance. The holiday will turn out really elegant when all the little things are carefully thought out.

With a large number of guests, there is a need for boarding cards. They can be placed on plates or in glasses, the main thing is that it looks appropriate and does not violate the overall composition.

As decorations for a golden wedding, golden balloons, gilded nameplates of newlyweds, all kinds of candles in candlesticks and LED garlands (of course, gold shades) look good. In addition to gold, decorative elements can be any other color that suits the general style of the wedding.

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At the exit desk, a traditional flower arch can be replaced with a big heart with sparkles. And instead of rose petals, large shiny sequins look good. Making a wedding in golden color is pleasant, bright and interesting.

The decor of the wedding in a gold style applies to all details and small things. First of all, invitation design is chosen. Gold-embossed cards look rich. In general, their design unobtrusively harmoniously conveys to the guests the idea of ​​the upcoming holiday. Gold color wedding invitations describe information about the time, place and dress form for guests.

Bottles with alcohol, glasses, a wish book and other design elements should be kept in the same style and decorated the same way.

As a wedding procession, it is advisable to choose a white car. It can be decorated with a golden fabric or artificial flower arrangements. An all-gold machine may look primitive or tasteless.

But the brand of car for the motorcade also plays a role, so it is likely that in gold it will look chic and elegant, when choosing it is worth relying on the general style of the holiday.

If you plan a photo shoot with the guests, you can take care of the accessories in advance. In golden color, masquerade masks, hats with feathers, crowns and artificial flowers look great. Guests can have fun and have fun, and also receive memorable shots.

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