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Wedding Makeup Brown Eyes The Best

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Wedding Makeup Brown Eyes The Best

A wedding is a very important day for any girl, and so I want to look irresistible! The image of a beautiful princess walking down the aisle consists of a beautiful dress, elegant shoes, a unique hairstyle, an original manicure and makeup.

Wedding makeup for brown eyes allows you to use an incredibly vast color palette and create a truly unforgettable image.

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A few days before the celebration, you should contact the makeup artist and decide on a make up choice. It is advisable to make several types of makeup, photograph them, and then choose the best.

This way you can avoid problems and save your nerves on your wedding day. You don’t have to worry about the fact that the makeup does not fit the dress and shoes – or even is not in harmony with the hairdo. The bride’s hair color can help her with the search for a palette of shadows, blush, lipstick. Here are some suggestions.

Owners of dark hair would do well to pay attention to the golden and sand colors of shades. They will reveal individuality and emphasize the beauty of the bride. Eyes should be let down by a line of medium thickness – this will add a touch of mystery to the image.

But lipstick is better to choose either pale pink, focusing on the lightness of the image, or dark and saturated shades of burgundy, beige and coral. Lipstick will be the final touch of the image. If the lady is the owner of blond hair, then she can recommend the cool colors of the shadows: blue, blue-gray, pale purple, pinkish. Such girls will face cream, brownish, golden, silver and grayish shades.

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Facial blush is worth choosing peach tones. Lipstick should be a natural shade of coral or rose. All these little secrets will help to emphasize the image of a cute and mysterious goldilocks. Owners of such curls should not do catchy makeup, it is enough just to slightly emphasize the existing advantages. The main shades of shadows that should be used when creating a wedding make-up are beige, green, delicate lilac and light terracotta.

It is important to note that in the image it is better to use an eyeliner of chocolate or gray, rather than black. Instead of lipstick, you should choose a delicate coral or caramel shine.

Using gray-green tones, you can emphasize the brown color of the iris, using golden – green.

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Do not abuse marsh, brown and green shades, as this can lead to a visual fusion of eye color with the tone of shadows. It is better to choose tones lighter or darker than the iris. Do not be afraid to use saturated colors – such as purple, dark gray and dark green.

Many brides prefer classic makeup. Their snow-white, cream or beige dresses, neat hairstyles are the best suited to a gentle pastel palette of shadows, slightly emphasizing the eyes, lipstick in a pale pink tone.

All this literally drives the bridegroom crazy and is remembered for a long time by everyone present at the wedding.

Only very brave girls are ready to “return” to the 60s and try on these bold images. Here, the most important role will be played by catchy dresses of extravagant style and lush hairstyles.

As for makeup, the following rule works here: the brighter – the better. However, a composition of pearlescent shades in brownish and blue tones will be preferable. Do not be afraid of false eyelashes. It will look bright and expressive if you apply a lip contour darker than lipstick.

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